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MK Chocolate: The Future of Mushroom Chocolate

Magic kingdom mushroom bars are a new magic mushroom chocolate bar brand that quickly rose to popularity due to it’s superior quality. Here at mk chocolates we specialized in 3.5g chocolate bars

Mk Shroom bars are one of the very first to produce a 3.5g magic mushroom chocolate bar. Our chocolate bars are definitely more potent and can compete with some of the best mushroom bars such as the polkadot, neau tropics to name a few.

The effects of the mk mushroom bars are quite similar to that from other mushroom chocolates. However, what makes mk chocolate unique is the potency of the strains used while making our chocolate bars. It is guaranteed to have you passed out on the couch. With magic kingdom shroom bars, you are guaranteed to have a trip that is out of this world.

MK Chocolate Bar Flavors

The Magic Kingdom Chocolate team created 6 amazing flavors for our loyal customers. This flavors differ very greatly in taste to ensure that there is something for everyone. All of the mk chocolates are organic and vegan. Our mushroom chocolate bars are made with the highest quality couverture chocolate and most potent home grown functional mushrooms. We use a combination of different mushrooms during production to ensure that our bars are of the highest quality and can compete with any other in the market.

What Are Magic Kingdom Mushroom Chocolates Made Of?

Magic kingdom chocolate are made from a combination of functional mushrooms and magic mushrooms to provide the best of both worlds. Different doses of different flavors will lead to the manifestation of different features. That’s why mk chocolates are currently one of the best in the market.


First discovered high in the Himalayan plateaus over 2000 years ago, Cordyceps increases oxygenation to sustain energy and support rapid recovery. Here to bring out your inner athlete.



A versatile superfood beloved in eastern medicine for thousands of years, “the mushroom of immortality” supports a better mood. Here to relieve stress and support peaceful sleep


Lion’s Mane

Buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane extensively to enhance focus and purpose in their study and meditation. Here to give calm, but laser sharp focus.

lion's mane


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